Lucky Plane

Lucky duck inheritance gives me an airplane.


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The problem is I knew nothing about aviation nothing about maintaining a plane
The biggest problem was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t understand anything related to having a plane. I didn’t even know how to turn the damn thing on.

Pretty crazy right? If you’ve ever felt helpless in your life then you would understand how I was feeling with regards to getting this new plane.

I imagine you probably thought well just sell the plane. It crossed my mind. However, the last thing I needed after the inheritance was another reason to pay Uncle Sam.

So I left things alone. I figured I could always sell it, but what are some other options and possibilities that I can make out of this unique situation.

You know how the story goes a friend of a friend.  But in this case it actually worked out. There was a guy that knew how to fly this very aircraft. I was able to get him to help me move it from the location where it was to a new location so that it wasn’t so far away.

I figured as long as the airplane was an hour and a half away I would probably never do anything with it.

So having it half an hour away would make a lot more sense.

I was able to find a guy that owned the hanger and he allowed me to keep it at this new place. I didn’t realize that most places where you house your airplane, you have to pay for yearly contract.

The other thing I didn’t realize is that dealing with municipal airports can be really tough.

The private owner that allowed me to keep the airplane in his hanger was super easy to work with. But getting the deposit back from the hanger at the municipal Airport was a real challenge.

I actually had to get an attorney involved. But that seemed to do the trick.

The next thing I needed to learn was all about aircraft insurance. I had to get everything transferred into my name first so I had to deal with the FAA. That was relatively easy. I just had to fill out some forms. Once it was transferred into my name I was able to insure it.

Believe it or not that wasn’t really the hard part. The only problem is I pay a premium because I’m not a pilot.

The other thing that happens when you do this sort of thing is that lots of people want to rent out your aircraft.

I found that it was almost as if people are salivating over this plane.

But for some reason it had been entrusted to me.

The next thing that I had to worry about was finding an aircraft mechanic to maintain its annual certification.

The reason why most planes last for such a long time is because they are maintained annually. They basically take the whole engine apart once a year.

I suppose that if we were to take care of our cars the way we take care of airplanes they would last a whole lot longer.

After that I had to start learning how to fly the plane. I took my ground school got it out-of-the-way. Then I began trying to fly with the help of an instructor.

Although I have a long ways to go still, I can push the plane out of the hanger started and run up the engine to maintain everything.

It sounds kind of stupid but when you don’t really know anything about airplanes just knowing how to turn it on and taxi is pretty cool.

These are one of those situations in life where you wonder why you get to mess with something whereas other people who deeply desire something have no ability to get it.

Overall I’m so thankful that I have access to my plane. It’s a lot of fun. I hope to fly on my own one day.

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