About Me

My name is John James, but my friends call me JJ.

I am all about fun, flying and some other things that I’ll be sharing on my blog.

My motto is to live life to the fullest at all times.

I’m starting to become a pilot, and I love the idea of being up a fly wherever I want whenever I want.

They call it the hundred dollar hamburger. Do you know what it is? It’s simple you hopping a plane flight to somewhere that offers a restaurant. You have lunch there and then you fly back home. It’s a lot of fun but by the time that you figure out how much it cost you, you’ll probably realize that you spent about $100 for that hamburger.

So this blog is dedicated to all of those moments. They are the unreasonable, ridiculous, crazy things we do for the things that we love.

Whether your hobby is Drag racing, kite surfing, cycling, riding Harleys, or anything else, I think you might be able to relate.

It sort of is all about what we were put on earth to do. It’s those things that we found in life that found us that we get so much enjoyment out of it we don’t mind spending money.

Thanks for stopping by to see my blog. I hope that it is an extension of your fascination for this world and your hobby.

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